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my name is Ole Christian Salomonsen, a landscape photographer located in Tromsø, Northern Norway. My main focus here will be to blog about new pictures, experiences, trips and locations.

My main areas of interest is the light that is surrounding me where I live, hence the name arctic light photo. Arctic light is by most people associated with the northern lights, or Aurora Borealis.

But arctic light is not only the northern lights, arctic light I would say is a collective term for several light phenomenons affecting and surrounding us living under the northern hemisphere.

Arctic light is first and most the northern lights, but is also embeds the special light which appears in polar regions during the periods when the sun is coming back after its period of abscene. The sky and mountains can in this limited period appear pink or strong cyan, a truly amazing and unforgettable sight.

Also, Tromsø is in the land of the midnight sun. Therefore the hyphen – “photography where the light is”. Even if Tromsø from late november to mid january can’t see the sun, we are blessed with the northern lights in this period, and during the summer we have the midnight sun, that is daylight 24 hours a day, which is also truly amazing. Hence, I am all year blessed with some of natures fines displays of light.

Photography is all about light. Light in different colors, strenghts and from different sources. Even if I sometime find my way to the studio to shoot portraits in studio-lightning equipment, the best light sources is and will always be the light in which nature provides us.

And being able to live where I do, in the land of arctic light, brings endless possibilities and opportunites as a photographer. I hope to be able to share some of the best moment with you.

As I am truly amazed and in love with aurora borealis, most of my pictures will be of this epic phenomenon. I’ll do my very best to convey you with my experiences in the best possible authenticy.

Your feedback is important to me, if you like my work, please let me know, If you think there are areas I can improve, please let me know. And if you have questions, fire away, I’ll do my very best to answer.

Best regards

Ole Christian Salomonsen


  1. Åja der er du i gang. 🙂 Mye mer mæzz-tekst her og der pluss en kalender som bare er i veien.

  2. Skviset inn websida mi også her. Kommer den med her på siden eller blir den bare ligganes tilgjengelig for deg?

  3. Dvs. jeg så den på mobilen, her ser jeg den ikke via laptopen.

  4. Ligger ikke synlig ser det ut som, men navnet mitt blir klikkbart og fører frem til siden min…

    En annen ting. Ser jo den åpenbare fordelen med å kjøre disse sidene på engelsk. Tror jeg skal legge om språket, iaf. på bloggen.

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